Wave!! Wiki


WAVE!!~Naminori Boys~ is an upcoming mobile game for ios and android. It will be a training game featuring the main cast of Wave. There is no release date, but it's scheduled to drop early this year.


Currently, there's a pre-registration campaign for the game. When the number of people registered surpass certain milestones, in-game rewards will be given upon release. The game's currency, coral stones, will be rewarded. The milestones are as followed:

# Registered Coral Stones
5,000 1,000
10,000 2,000
20,000 3,000
30,000 4,000
50,000 9,000

Only the first milestone has been reached. To reach the next one, ask people to pre-register or do so yourself. Starting off with more stones in the game will allow you to scout several times, giving you a better chance to get cards of your favorite character.

How to Register[]

Follow the game's official twitter account. Every single follow will count towards the registration count.

By email through the campaign website. When you get to the site, you will see four buttons when you scroll down. Click the dark blue one and you will be redirected to where you can input your email. Agree to the privacy policy and confirm. You should get a confirmation email saying that you've done it.