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Yūta Matsukaze (松風 ユータ Matsukaze Yūta) is a supporting character in Wave!!


Yūta Matsukaze is a studious young man who has been surfing since before he can remember.


He has messy brown hair and sky blue eyes. Yūta wears thick rimmed black glasses and a gray, yellow and black colored wetsuit with short sleeves.

His surfboard is light green with a white nose area of the surfboard. The bottom of the surfboard is adorned with black zig zag lines, as well as two more symmetrical zig zag lines in the middle of the board.


Yūta's very calculating and logical. He's caring and very attentive to detail which makes him a good caretaker. When it comes to collecting data, he doesn't have a good sense of social boundaries. 


Yūta finds joy in collecting and visualizing data to improve things efficiently. His parents run a surfing shop where he grew up learning how to surf. He believes he can revolutionize surfing if he can correctly analyze the unpredictable nature of the sport.


  • His favorite food is raw shirasu.